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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Jannati sends a harsh warning against crossing the 'red-lines'

Ahmad Jannati, the secretary of Iran's Guardian Council, says that the country's courts have issued death sentences for some of the Munafeghs (those who betray the regime). But, Jannati says, it is only because executing those "two-faced disloyals" is not in the interest of the country that death penalties are still pending: "as soon as the situation permits (i.e. as soon as the regime feels it is no longer under international pressure or is in the position which allows it to ignore international demands) those death penalties will be implemented.

This is a blunt warning -coming in the lead up to the election - to those would be candidates who are talking about a 'deal' with the West and particularly the US over issues such as Iran's nuclear power, relations with the US and Israel. It is a clear message to those who want to win votes by touching these 'red lines' of the regime. Jannati's speech indicates that in the coming days we should expect some judicial actions against 'undesirable' candidates who do not have criminal record to enable the Guardian Council to disqualify them off hand. Karoubi and Moein are on the top of the list. They both have criticized the State's human rights record and have talked about possible re-establishment of ties with the US. Particularly, Karoubi has been very outspoken in criticising the GC on its decisions that led to a number of disqualification during the last parliamentary elections in 2004 in which almost all nominees from Jebheye Mosharekat and Majma'e Rohanyoon were pronounced ineligible to run for elections.
The GC and the Judiciary will be very busy during the next few weeks.


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