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Monday, April 18, 2005

Lack of popularity: one thing that the would-be- candidates have in common

With less than two months left to the presidential election, regarded by some as the most crucial one, the public mood in Iran fails to suggest enthusiasm for it.
Perhaps, this has to do, at least in part, with the personality of the would-be candidates. A quick look at the list shows that no one of has the type of personality to attract attention as a future president. Take Mohsen Rezai, for example: the former Commander-in-Chief of Sepah Pasdaran (Iran's revolutionary guard), currently serving as the secretary of the Expediency Council. There is absolutely nothing in his record to indicate he possesses the intelligence that a competent politician must have. He might have been a good soldier (many would argue otherwise) but whether that would make a good president or in fact it may be a counterproductive factor is the question he has to answer. In any event, Rezai is having a real hard time gaining support from the people. Particularly, students and youngsters -who are the key to win an election in Iran - do not seem to show a huge interest in supporting him. It's no surprise and I do not think that Rezai should have slightest hope in hearing slogans from students in his favour. "Rezai Rezai, to omide mai!" (Rezai you are our hope!)?! No, it just doesn't sound realistic. The same holds with Karoubi, Larijani, Ghalibaf, Mehr Alizadeh, Velayati, and Moein. They just lack in the necessary factors. None of them has the charismatic personality. Even Rafsanjani, who may have the intelligence and fortune which might eventually assist him in getting the office, does not have the kind of personality that a 'president of nation' must possess. To win the nation's vote, one needs to be for the nation. It is hard, if not impossible, to choose the president of Iranian nation from amongst this list.


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