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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The office of presidency in the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Iran

Chapter 9 The Presidency

Article 113

After the office of Leadership, the President is the highest official in the country. His is the responsibility for implementing the Constitution and acting as the head of the executive, except in matters directly concerned with (the office of) the Leadership.

Article 114

The President is elected for a four-year term by the direct vote of the people. His re-election for a successive term is permissible only once.

Article 115

The President must be elected from among religious and political personalities [Note: the Constitution uses the term "rajol" which in Arabic means men. This has led to controversy as to whether only men can become preseident or the office is open to women as well. As it stands, the GC is of the opinion that women are not eligible] possessing the following qualifications: Iranian origin; Iranian nationality; administrative capacity and resourcefulness; a good past-record; trustworthiness and piety; belief in and commitment to the fundamental principles of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the official madhhab [i.e. Shi'ite Islam] of the country.

Article 116

Candidates nominated for the post of President must declare their candidature officially. Law lays down the manner in which the President is to be elected.

Article 117

The President is elected by an absolute majority of votes polled by the voters. But if none of the candidates is able to win such a majority In the first round, voting will take place a second time on Friday of the following week. In the second round only the two candidates who received greatest number of votes in the first round will participate. If, however, some of the candidates securing greatest votes in the first round withdraw from the elections, the final choice will be between the two candidates who won greater number of votes than all the remaining candidates.

Article 118

Responsibility for the supervision of the election, of the President lies with the Guardian Council, as stipulated in Article 99.


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