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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The election and Iranians abroad

Dear Visitors,

I have an idea but I'm not sure how far it can travel. I need your help. I am interested in getting some idea about what Iranians living abroad may think about the upcoming election.
As it stands, none of the so-called candidates shows any interest in talking about thousands of Iranians living abroad (as if they were not Iranian!), their difficutlties, the status of Iranian refugees, asylum seekers, students, etc. But what does this silence indicate? I think it is a meaninful silence.
I think this can open up the door for discussing some other issues: hopes and disappointments, trust, future, etc.
So I would like to ask you to please let me know what you think about these issues. For example, do you realy have any hope in any of these candidates to change the situation in Iran in a way that you might consider returning to Iran? Or, another question, do you think any of these contenders has the capacity and resources to change the image of Iran internationally?
I hope this can provide us (you and myself) with an opportunity to discuss the elections from a different perpective.

Looking forward to hearing from you


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