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Monday, May 23, 2005

The GC disqualifies Moeen

"The Guardian Council disqualifies Moeen". This is the headline of many Iranian newspapers today. However, this behaviour by the GC comes at no surprise (see my post on February 22). The GC did what it had to do: preventing opponents of the Supreme Leader from getting into the top job. But Iranians are now waiting to see how Khatami administration will react this time. Will it give in to the pressures from the Conservatives and the Sepah and run the election according to the wishes of the Leader (i.e. in the same way as it dealt with the massive disqualifications by the GC before the 7th Parliamentary elections in 2004)? Or will Khatami take this last opportunity to demonstrate its commitment to freedom, by fiercely opposing the conduct of the GC and, eventually, by stepping down from power if the GC fails to reconsider its stance? The regime, once again, has shown its zero tolerance for free elections. Let's hope Khatami will not disappoint the people, once again, by showing zero commitment to his promises.


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