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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Let's be patient this time!

Since Moeen's disapproval (and the subsequent reapproval) debates are continuing as to whether he should stand or withdraw. I do not want to participate in that debate directly here. Rather what concerns me here is that these debates reflect a deep confusion among Iranians. They do not really know what they are expecting from a certain candidate, or a future president. Equally, there seems to be little understanding of boycotting the election and its probable consequences. For me, this is a historical/cultural/psychological problem.
Iranians are very good at doing something without having properly evaluated advantages or disadvantages of their action. They easily get passionate and excited about something or someone without knowing why. On the other hand, they tend to lose their hope and patience very easily. This especially happens when they get on the road towards a particular end, but the road takes longer than what they had expected. In this case, they simply tend to destroy everything that they had been building to get up to there. However, the problem is that when Iranians destroy what they have, they do it without having a reasonable idea of what could replace it.
Now, this confusion seems to be recurring in the lead up to the election. Many are talking about boycotting the election. Some have gone even further to the extreme by arguing that a boycot will guarantee the end of the regime! OK, let's assume that boycot is the best option. But do we not know that the hardliners, and those who need the election stamp in their ID will still turn up at the polls? So what will happen then? Will Ghalibaf or Rafsanjani continue on what has been gained during Khatami's time? The answer might be:"come on! what did we gain during Khatami?nothing!" Then, my answer will be, if one is just ignoring or underestimating achievments by people during Khatami's era (note, I am saying people's achievement, I am not saying Khatami's or his government's achievements) he or she is taking that destructive approach to which I already referred. Now let's go with those naives who think boycot will readily end Islamic regime in Iran. Wushsh! No Islamic Republic now? So what now? Will a democratic regime come to replace it? Where from? Or will it be created overnight? By whom? Will democracy brought to us by the so-called opposition groups abroad, who, after 27 years since the Revolution, still do not have a clear, understandable agenda for Iran? The oppositions that are stuck with their worn-out, old-fashioned, and corrupt parties?
For heaven sake! Some of us Iranians just get too bored too early. Some of us do not want to fight for our hopes. A Great Iran cannot be created overnight, nor can it be created by those who are concerned with everything but Iran and Iranians. Let's be patient this time, let's do not destroy everything again. Let's don't listen to those who just want to spread violence and hatred. Let's move on, however slowly, with what we have started and have sacrificed for it. Let's prove for once that Iranians know what they want and they know how they want it.


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