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Monday, May 30, 2005

Mr.President! Where are you?!

Last saturday, a 20 year old boy was shot dead by a police officer who is a Mullah as well (what a nice combination isn't it?). This occured in Karaj subway (20 Km west of Tehran). Obviously, the officer had seen the boy 'verbally harassing' a girl, so he goes towards him and after exchanging a few words, BANG! He kills the boy!
Well, this is not directly relevant to the elections. Or perhaps it is? Wasn't it Rafsanjani who just recently said that people should feel secure in their daily lives? Or wasn't it General Ghalibaf who said that Iranian police officers are totally and whole-heartedly at the service of the people? Hasn't this appalling incident moved Mr. Larijani, who is travelling around these days to let people know about his 'government of hope'?
No reaction. Silence. Ignorance. They are too busy elsewhere. These are our would-be presidents. These are who publish manifesta promising prosperity for the youngsters. I for one am overwhelmed by how secure and prosperous I feel as I read the news on the murder of Ali Ahmadi Pour in Karaj, an incident which so far has failed to generate the smallest reaction from the actual and potential presidents of my country.


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