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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Rafsanjani announces his manifesto

The highlights of 'Rafsanjani's manifesto' was published in Shargh newspaper today. It is said that this agenda was prepared with the collaboration of a number of academics under the supervision of Mohamad Ali Najafi a former cabinet minister during Rafsanjani's presidency.
However, the manifesto does not contain anything significantly radical. It reflects a number of facts about the society and its needs and expectations. But there is nothing to suggest that Rafsanjani has made a pledge to respond to those needs and demands that he acknowledges in his manifesto. For instance, there is a section on 'social development, security, and peace of mind [sic]'. It tells us that "it is the task of the state to create peace, satisfaction, and secuirty in the society and to furnish the citizens of a situation in which they feel prosperous and take pride living in the country." I wonder how much research those academics have conducted to reach to this 'finding'! Moreover, now that Rafsanjani has at last understood that people need to feel secure, one might ask how he would guarantee that his government will not act in any way to violate people's sense of security. The manifesto says that "Hashemi believes that a crucial strategy in social development is to avoid interfering in people's private and family life [sic] and to support promoting social and civil institutions." Again, this merely reflects a belief and does not sound like that Rafsanjani is making a promise as to guaranteeing that if he gets into power, his government will no longer put its nose in every area of peoples' lives. Furthermore, it would have been very helpful if Rafsanjani had clearly defined his understanding of the 'private' and its boundaries.


Blogger JBOC said...

Maybe Rafsanjani did not make enough promises.
Maybe Rafsanjani cannot make enough changes.
Maybe Rafsanjani is not perfect.
Maybe Rafsanjani has made mistakes.
But who can do more?
Rafsanjani may not be the best man, but he is the best man running.
Best wishes,
Barry O'Connell

9:04 AM  

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