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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Comments on ISPA's "latest poll"

Iranian Students Polling Agency ISPA has published its "latest polls results", a summary of which can be found on Iran Scan (by Hoder). As one can clearly see, there are remarkable discrepancies between figures in ISPA's poll and the figures I recently referred to (see my previous post). The poll to which I referred yesterday was conducted over two weeks in Tehran by a governmental centre. The number of participants in this poll was significantly higher than that of ISPA, and the survery was conducted across all districts of Tehran.
What surprises me about ISPA's results is that it indicates that Moeen is far behind Rafsanjani in Tehran - by almost 30%. However, according to the results I have been given, there is only around 5% difference between their overall chances, with Rafsanjani being ahead. Furthermore, the percentage of those who have said "I will not vote" fluctuated between 55 to 65, whereas in IPSA's poll this figure drops to as low as 11%.
I do not want to readily doubt the authenticity of ISPAs poll but I think it must be treated with extreme caution.


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