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Friday, June 17, 2005

Election update (2)

I visited a few poll stations in Western and Northern Tehran too. Those in the north were very quiet. In fact, I waited outside one of them around Tajrish sq for almost an hour but no one turned up to vote. Not a soul! I hat saw a few people in some others as I was passing by. However, there was a line outside a mosque in Western part of the city (in Sattar Khan street). This was around 2pm. I drove further up to Shahrak Jandarmeri and Marzdaran. Most of the stations on my way were rarther quiet with no more than 10 to 20 people turning up every half an hour or so. I wonder what is happening in the south. I might go and check if I can.

There are rumours that bombs have been planted near some of the poll stations as well. Some people, I have so heard, have preferred to stay in for the fear of explosions. However, so far there has been no report of trouble.


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