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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Everyone I asked about the election this morning believed that Rafsanjani would win it. Obviously, the old guy's propaganda campaign has been far more successful than expected. Here are the most common reasons given by those who believe that the Godfather of the Islamic regime will -or shall- come out victorious:
"All this election is a show. The regime has already appointed its next president: Rafsanjani"[Yes, it is a show but why should Rafsanjani get the joy of it?]
"Rafsanjani is the best person to lead Iran out of the international crisis it is currently facing" [No he is not!]
"At least Rafsanjani can contain Khamenei and disallow him to become the absolute power" [No, he can not!]
"Rafsanjani is an Islamic liberal, and this is what we need at a time when Iran is trying to become global" [No, he is not, and Iran cannot become 'global' under a president who see himself above the law]

Very superficial, aren't they?
But I am really stunned by the extent to which Iranians' judgement has changed in only a few years. Six years ago, the image they had of Rafsanjani was nothing but that of a murderer. A cruel dictator who kills mercilessly. Now they see him as a powerful leader who can save them against threats. And apparently, no one has the courage to challenge this absolute wrong and in fact dangerous belief. Akbar Ganji was the last man who had the guts to stand up against the Godfather. But now all the writers and the so called politicians and intellectualls are in a frustrating silence. Islamic republic is falling back to the arms of its Godfather. The dictator is pairing his boots.


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