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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Latest moves by the candidates

I have just spoken to the person who had provided me with the poll results that I published in my post on Wednesday. I asked him whether he knew why there were such big inconsistencies between the results he had given to me and those published by the ISPA. This is what he had to say:

"All latest polls show that, Rafsanjani and Moeen are ahead of other contenders. But there are organisations that are publishing fake polls for their own particular purposes."

Thus, it seems that, if no unexpected adverse events occur, Hashemi and Moeen will make it to the secound round of the elections. Hashemi, however, certainly likes to knock out Moeen in the first round, as things might not turn his (i.e Rafsanjani's) way in the second round. Thus, he and his camp are doing their best to create a (false) belief among the public that Hashemi is well ahead and will win the elections. On the other hand, some in the camps of Larijani, Ahmadi Nejad, and Ghalibaf have come to the conclusion that, as they have very little chance to win in the current situation, they must, by any means, prevent people from voting for Hashemi or Moeen. One such means is to use violence. A case in point is the recent hand gerenade attack against Mohammad Reza Khatami (Moeen's apponted vice-president in his government). What other strategies might opponents of Moeen come up with? We shall wait and see. The main show starts tomorrow with the beginning of the last pre-election week in Iran.


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