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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

More on recent blasts

It is good to hear that one of the candidates - Moeen- has disputed the 'foreign element' in the recent blasts in Tehran and Ahwaz. He is reported as saying:"recent bombings are suspicious and their roots must be discovered", warning that there are "pressure groups" who want to "change the election results". I have said before that the extremist factions in the hardliners' camp are highly concerned about Rafsanjani or Moeen winning the election. They are attempting to stop the election. If they fail at this stage, which so far seems very likely to be the case, they have plans for after the election. What causes worry is that their plans are backed by top-ranking officials. I hesitate to say this, but I am somehow inclined to conclude that the Supreme Leader himself will not stop those plans from going ahead, even if he would not formally endorse them. What directs me towards this conclusion is that he did not officially condemn the bombings or send a message of condolence - somehing that he almost always does after disasterous incidence like these. This might not be a good 'reason' to believe Khamenei has a role in the recent events, but I do not want to argue that he has a role. Rather I want to suggest that he is aware of those plans and prefers to remain silent. Interestingly, on the day after the explosions, Kayhan, Tehran daily which is under Khamenei's contorl dedicated its second main headline (see the picture above) to the victory of Foolad (an Ahwazi soccer team) in the Iranian league, while Ahwazis were mourning for their beloved ones. Remember that this is the newspaper that wanted days of mourning to be announced for the "half-naked" Armeninans dancing in Ahwaz a few months ago. Now human lives are lost but no one seems to be even interested in mourning, let alone investigating to find out who was behind those murderous acts. Does this not at least indicate that there are powerful hands behind this incidence and Iranian officials, law enforcement agencies, and security are aware of it?


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