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Thursday, June 16, 2005

My vote

As you might have noticed, unlike many Iranian bloggers, I have not mentioned in here whom I will be going to vote for. I do not think it really matters at all. Who will care about my choice anyway? And really, who cares about what other bloggers say about their favourite cadidate? If someone wants to go and cast a vote they already have made up their mind. And if they do not want to vote, which for me is itself a way of casting vote in sense of expressing ones' decision, Windsteed is in no position to change their decision. Besides I am not after too much publicity in the same way as many other Iranian bloggers are - not that it is a bad thing, I just do not like it. I write out of passion, for those who want to get a 'different' perspective. That's all.

Viva Iran and God bless Iran! This is my vote.


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