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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The other side of Rafsanjani

Mr. Rafsanjani says that he has no money to spend on his election campaigns. There was no sadder sight than Rafsanjani's broken-hearted face as he was lamenting bitterly over his financial problems. Poor thing! But did he really think that people were going to believe that the King of Iranian pistachio who has lots of shares in numerous businesses in Iran has gone so bankcrupt that now he does not even have a penny to spend on his election campaign?
Three possibilites spring into mind. The first is that Rafsanjani is so down to earth type of man. He wants to tell people that despite my high financial status, I want to at least pretend that I live like the majority of the people who are in deep economic trouble these days. He is desparately trying to win people's hearts by trying to convince them that he is one of 'them'.
Or, there is a second possibility: maybe Rafsanjani thinks that people are stupid. One would have expected that he would at least try to change this misperception after people showed their back to him in the parliamentary elections in 2000. Well obviously he has not. Otherwise he would not have placed a bid for this elections, would he? But I am still confident that he does not think that people are that stupid. They might have forgotten about his role in political murders, or in the economic chaos, etc. but they cannot really forget that this man is the Godfather of a corrupt rich clan who have their dirty hands in every dirty businesses in Iran. But I am inclined to go with Possibility No. Three: see, I don't believe that Rafsanjani is really trying to convince people that he is poor. In fact, I think, he is making this up to make people think about his 'almighty' absolute power. He wants people to find out for themselves that this 71 year old veteran is still functioning like a hard-hootered hunky action-boi. My belief is reinforced as I review the photos of him on ISNA newsagency website, showing him as if he is flirting with a young attractive girl sitting next to him. All I can see is a cool Mr. Rafsanjani posing as a smooooooooooooth, nice, charming, and of course, powerful president. Yes, Mr. Rafsanjani, we have been thinking a lot. You are still the one and only Man: strong, rich, powerful, and...?


Blogger persian dissident-Human Rights Defender said...

what is going on there?
First there are pictures of rafsanjani's camp (which looked ridiculous with stickers in english) now the pictures of Moeen's "tarafda" all decked out!!!

1:56 PM  

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