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Monday, June 13, 2005

Rafsanjani: a gifted psychoanalyst

With only three days left, it is almost certain that Hashemi Rafsanjani will win the election - although there has been a steady rise in the rate of Moeen supporters across the country.
Rafsanjani's successful return to the office of presidency, and even his candidature, deserve some scrutiny. In my view, his success offers a great opportunity for psychoanalysis of Iranians and Iranian politics. I also believe that Rafsanjani is not only a genius Iranian politician but, more than that, he is gifted with an extra ordinary psychoanalytical knowledge of the Iranian society. Ali gives a simple but illustrative account of Rafasanjani's endeavor to impact the Iranian psyche in an 'election show' broadcast on TV. Ali is obviously furious with the way Rafsanjani attempts to depict himself as a hero, as a good listener, as a libertarian, or as a compassionate leader. Ali might not believe in a Rafsanjani with those qualities, but how about the rest of the Iranian society? Does the current situation suggest that so far Rafsanjani's psychoanalyticial skills have successfully differentiated him from all other Iranian politicians? What do you think?


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