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Friday, June 17, 2005

Update (3)

According to Iranian news agencies, Karoubi, Rafsanjani and Ahmadi Nejad are ahead of others as the votes are being counted. However, the ballots in major cities (including Tehran, Tabriz and Mashad) have not been counted yet. So this order can change any time soon. The final result will be announced by tonight (Saturday night). Also it is now certain that the election will be dragged into the second round which will take place next Friday.

One another thing: I was very close to spend the rest of my visit to Iran in jail. Yesterday evening as I was taking photo of a poll station, I was 'arrested' by the police! I could never imagine that taking photo of people in a public place was a crime! In any event, I spent a couple of hours at a police station but then got released. Afterall, being a lawyer, I knew how to deal with that kind of situation. But it was a frustrating experience I must say.

I will have more updates and analysis soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Az zahmatetan moteshaker.
Agar mishavad beshtar dar moredeh
sherkateh mardom beneveeseed.

Shayad beshavad ba jam Kardan ein
Etelat tasvir vaghey entekhabat beh
dast beyayad. Agar hameh doostan, ham
zahmat bekeshand va deedehay khod ra
bedooneh kam va beesh gozaresh namayand.

12:04 AM  

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