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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

An update

My apologies for my rather long disappearance. The reason was that I was robbed after I came back from my trip to Garmsar. My notebook (laptop) is gone now, with all my notes and files and everything. Thankfully I had back ups on USB for some of those files , otherwise I would be dead! In any event, now I have to go to police station almost everyday which is such a big hassle! However, I make sure I update this blog more regularly. There are so many things going in Iran, I really do not know which one I can write on.

One important development was the coalition between Moeen's supporters and the group called "Melli-Mazhabi (Nationalist-Religious)". This comes at a time when letters from three political prisoners with affinities with the Melli-Mazhabi group. In their letters, Hoda Sabe, Reza Alijani, and Taghi Rahmani, give details of abuses and violations of their human rights the had undergone. The letters are addressed to Mr Khatami and Mr Shahroudi. I wonder what Khatami can do about them. Also, if elected, would Moeen be able to guarantee their release? I doubt it.

Another development in the camp of hardliner was that there are speculations as to the possible withdrawal of one or two contenders. It is said that Ahmadi Nejad and Rezai will move out of the contest shortly before the 17th of June.

I also heard from a very reliable source that polls (in Tehran) show that Larijani and Ghalibaf are almost neck and neck and Moeen's popularity is rising steadily. The latter is good news, but the former? The turn-out in Tehran is estimated to be somewhere around 25 to 35 per cent. However, I understand that some polls may indicate otherwise.

One more thing. Last night, Iran's football (soccer) team beat Bahrain to secure its ticket for the World Cup. The whole nation was in joy after the match. They were dancing on the streets, playing music, sounding their cars' horn, as the police were watching them: powerless and themselves bemused with such a national spirit. Some were also carrying posters or banners in favour of some candidates. Some others were backing a boycott on the elections. But many did not seem to really care about the elections at all. People were happy and cheerful. Extremely so! It was a national moment of joy.


Blogger persian dissident-Human Rights Defender said...

Have you seen Hoder's post on opendemocracy?
what is he thinking?
I am sorry about your laptop and dealing with the police will most likely not be fun.
Hope you get your stuff back.

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