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Saturday, July 30, 2005

In 1953, the popular government of Dr.Mohammad Mossadegh was overthrown by a coup led by the CIA and the MI6. General Zahedi was appointed as the prime minister. Mossadegh was arrested, jailed, and later placed under house-arrest for the rest of his life. All this was happening in front of the eyes of a ‘silenced’ Iranian nation. The very same nation who, only a year before the coup, had poured on to the streets in unity to show their solid support for their hero and leader.
Years passed. Mossadegh died. Obedient prime ministers were appointed. Shah was assured that people had forgotten all about Mossadegh and they now were in love with their Shah, the shadow of God on earth. Things were under control. What happened to Shah is history.
Last month, I was waiting outside a government building for the doors to open. A man and his son joined me in waiting. The boy wanted to sit on the stairs and asked his father to give him a piece of his newspaper to sit on. But as soon as the boy wanted to sit on that piece of paper, his father said: “Don’t sit on that paper! It has got the photo of the late Mossadegh on it. Use another one!”.
Today, at a newspaper agent, I found an elderly woman in tears. Her eyes were fixed on the headlines of a newspaper which read: “The Last Saturday of Khatami”. She was crying in silence. I don’t know if she was crying for Khatami or not. But I’m sure that many Iranians will remember Khatami, for all he did and what he falied to do for them and their country. It is his last Saturday. Ahmadinejad will be sworn in on Wednesday. The shadow of God feels assured of the nation’s bountiful love. ‘Things are under control’.


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