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Sunday, July 31, 2005

While Ganji is hovering between life and death in Milad Hospital, his lawyer, Abdolfatah Soltani has been arrested by Mortazavi's (Tehran chief prosecutor) men (not by the police). Shahroudi (head of the judiciary) is reported as saying that Ganji's recent remarks, in which he stated his belief that "Khamenei must go", have made his case "legally difficult".
Shahroudi is right. Challenging Khamenei's power makes everyone's case difficult. All political prisioners in Iranian jails are there only because they questioned Khamenei's authority. They did not commit a crime, but apostacy. For the Brethren, there is a huge difference between committing a crime and committing apostacy. The former is dealt with by the courts and hence falls under the jurisdiction of Shahroudi. But sins are for Mortazavi to handle. Ganji is not a 'criminal', but an unforgiven apostate in the eyes of the Brethren. And those who defend an apostate share his sins. This is why Soltani was arrested without due process. He was 'outside' the law in the same way as Ganji and other political prisioners are.

It is very sad, but Ganji is destined do die. Death is his punishment for what he did to Khamenei. Khatami, Shahroudi, Rafsanjani can do nothing to save him - even if they sincerely want to.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

if ganji lives free, it will be the end of islamic regime.

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