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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Ali Motahari, son of the prominent Islamic Republic ideologist Morteza Motahari, has suggested that the Iranian regime "must consider creating an Islamic Union of [Muslim] States". This idea of 'Islamic globalization' is frequently heard in Iran these days. As I stated in one of my previous posts, this was the slogan of the Islamic regime in the early days of its establishment. Its recent revival as an strategy is aimed at detracting Iranian people from the numerous domestic problems that the new government is seemingly unable to tackle.

Advocates of the idea of the union of Islamic nations seem to forget that the Isalmic Conference Organisation was established for precisely the same purpose but was relinquished much sooner than predicted for its inability to deliever its promises, and for its political bias and insensitiveness. Besides one important point that Motahari and those who support his theory of Islamic globalisation do not address in their theory is what role Iran would play in such a process, should it ever happen. Would Iran take the lead? Considering that Iran has made itself almost completely alienated in the Muslim world by its deeds, it is hard to conceive such a role for Iran. The majority of Muslim world, or at least the key nations such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia and Persian Gulf states, have already distanced themselves from Iran and its policies. Moreover, in a number of countries in the Middle East and Afghanistan and Pakistan, there are ongoing attempts to show that Shia Iranians are not even real Muslims. For instance, there are losts of books that are being published, and electronic messages getting circulated to deliever that message.

Therefore, it seems that instead of spending its resources on futile projects such as Islamic globalisation, the priority for the Iranian regime must be to gain some decent reputation, domestically and internationaly, as a successful Islamic state.


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