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Thursday, August 18, 2005

I am in Mashad, north east of Iran, on a short business trip. I had heard about Khatami's coming to Mashad for piligirmage (to pay respect to Shia's eighth Imam). So I decided to go and see him somehow. He was welcomed and cheered by a considerably big crowd gathered at Imam Reza's Mausoleum court. It was interesting to see how popular he still is among people although he is no longer their president.

He also delievered a speech which I found very inciting and revealing. He said: "enemies of Iran are not only those foreign enemies who do not want to see a progressive Iran. But there are also domestic enemies who are even more dangerous." Khatami added that the real enemies of Iran are those who want to promote a backward and outdated thought which stems from their reactionary views. Their views, Khatami said, "are anti-thought against conscience, and immoral". Khatami also warned against the move which wants to instutionalise old-fashioned and superficial beliefs and impose them on people". If you wish to get an idea about to whom Khatami was directing his attacking words, have a look at my last post below.

It looks like Khatami has eventually got his tongue back!


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