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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Recently, Ahmadinejad government agenda has been published. I have been reading it over the past few days. It contains numerous intersting and thought-provoking points and I think it can be an important source to help us discern the political mindframe that this new government is going to represent.

What especially struck me about this agenda was its fascination with the establishment of a 'universal just government' as a 'macro-strategy', which implies a return to the early revolutionary slogans. At that time, and for some time after the Revolution, the idea of 'Hukumat-e Adl-e Ali' (a state based on Imam Ali justice system) was a popular slogan. A reflection of that can be found in Article 3 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic where the government is placed under the obligation "to support, by all means, the oppressed across the world".

Almost thirty years on, and now the ninth government of the Islamic regime founds its agenda on the same old slogan(s). What this backward move reveals is that the regime has admited its failure in delievering its promises. But it is not brave enough to abandon those empty idealist promises and engage with the real world. Even worse, to disguise its failure, the regime has come up with more lies. The only difference is that this time those lies are flavoured and wrapped by some more passionate, linguistically complex, sorcerous tone. Besides, has the Islamic regime not yet understood that it cannot and should not speak and make laws for the entire world? Isn't it disgraceful for a government to claim that it will bring justice to the whole world when its own citizens have been suffering from its injustices for such a long time?


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