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Monday, August 15, 2005

The so-called reformists have denounced Ahmadinejad's cabinet line-up. They argue that the new government is prone to become "docile to external powers" - by which they implicitly refer to the Leader and bodies under his control. Further, they argue that by picking up ministers who are not autonomous in their roles and thoughts but represent a homogeneous body, Ahmadinejad has failed his own motto during the election in which he had promised that his cabinet would represent diversity of interests and thoughts (the 70-million cabinet).

I wonder where these 'reformist think-tanks' were when Khatami was froming his cabinet in 2001 to advise him on the inclusion of diversity of interests? Moreover, at least Ahmadinejad's proposed list reflects that he is listening to his leader who brought him to power. But did Khatami listen to the millions of people who voted for him? His second cabinet was one of the weakest and least efficient cabinets in Islamic regime's history. Besides, he had no discernible agenda. Ahmadinejad, however, has a well-defined agenda - be it a dictated one or otherwise- and seems to know how to realise it. All of his moves can easily be read in line with that agenda. But Khatami only gave promises without knowing if they were realisable or he would have the capacity to deliever them. And obviously at that time, these think-tanks were too content with 'their victory' to think about an agenda. Suddenly, they have woken up to an ultra-hardliner government which seems to be intent on making life difficult for them. Too late, but at least they are awake to see where they failed.


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