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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

This regime is getting bolder and bolder. Yesterday, they hired a number of bullies to march in front of European embassies in Tehran "in protest against Europeans policies towards Iran's nuclear program". The mob burned the flags of France, Germany, and Britain. State News agencies, and newspapers (Kayhan, Jomhuri, etc.) claim that the protesters were 'students'. BUT THEY WERE NOT! They might have been pupils at regime's schools of violence and hatred, but they certainly were not students in the proper use of the term. They were Basijis from Ashura squad (Gordan-e Ashura). They get money to do these things. One day they are 'students', another day they are 'volunteer suicide bombers', the next day they are 'law enforcers', enforcing their law upon women who do not observe rules of their version of Islam.

Iranian students are not disrespectful to other nations, even when they become frustrated by acts of foreign nations or when they want to defend their rights against totalitarianism. The regime is fully conscious of the political sensitivity towards the Student Movement inside and outside Iran. Therefore, it wants to put its dirty hands on it and lay claim to it for its own evil purposes. Student associations must denounce such acts. I wonder why newspapers such as Shargh that used to be on students side are so disappointingly passive these days in terms of defending students against such accusations.


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