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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Information or Imagination? Or Provocation?!

The following is an extract from Kayhan today:

"While ever since the occupation of Iraq, there have been numerous signs indicating that terrorist operations targetting Iraqi people are organised and enforced by occupying forces, what happened last Tuesday has revealed everything and disclosed the true faces behind such barbaric crimes.

On Tuesday, Iraqi police at a check-point in Basra became suspicious of two British soldiers, who were wearing Al-Mahdi Army uniforms and carrying considerable amount of explosives. The British were arrested. The news of their arrest would not leave any doubt [among Iraqis] about the real identity of the terrorist acts and blast. People of Basra heard the news, their hearts still bleeding from the bereavement of those killed in terrorist attacks. They rushed towards the police station where two Britons were kept, demanding the Iraqi police that the two British terrorists appear on TV with their explosives and in their fake Al-Mahdi uniforms so that the truth behind the years of US-UK conspiracy against Iraqis and their role in terrorist attacks which have so far killed tens of thousands of Iraqi men and women becomes clear.Elsewhere, the HQ of the British troops in Basra, immediately after receiving the news of the arrest, dispatched two fully equipped brigades to the police station. They were armed with heavy weapons and tanks. [...] Once faced with the mob, the opened fire to them. [...]
One might argue that these two British soldiers were operating under cover to penetrate the Al-Mahdi Army. This is a ridiculous argument, as they did not have the slightest knowledge of Arabic. [...]. Besides their appearance (blonde hair and blue eyes) would raise suspicion in the naivest of the Iraqis, let alone the members of the Al-Mahdi who are professional fighters.
[Besides] how could they justify their carrying of explosives and remote transmission kit that are defined equipments used by terrorists? Would these men, as members of the British troops who have the whole area in their control, have any problem for carrying such things [as British soldiers] that would have justified their use of Al-Mahdi uniforms?
The above points demonstrate that the two Britons were in the course of conducting a terrorist operation and, as always, intended to attribute their act to Iraqis by leaving some indicators such as the Al-Mahdi uniform. [...]


Anonymous Reza said...

They were shooting at Iraqi policeman, you forgot that part.

5:09 AM  
Anonymous Ali M said...

And of course Kayhan is a very reliable source of information.

Could you please explain the rational for US/UK troops to plan bombs in order to kill Irakis.

10:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This article defies so many well-known facts and obvious logic it makes a mockery of their readers! If terrorist acts were staged by the US/UK, why do the terrorist groups threaten them before, and take credit for them after? Has the body of a suicide bomber ever been a blue-eyed blond UK soldier?

One of the biggest deterrents to truth and peace is that too many average Muslims do not take responsibility for the members of their own faith that are calling for acts of evil in the name of good. It is far easier to cast blame on someone unknown than to admit that there is a problem within one's own family.

1:08 PM  
Blogger redwhiteandgreen said...

You are so off base you have no Idea. Wake up and get a clue.

9:24 AM  

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